Alpine 4.0

GMG’s seismic project reporting software now integrates I/O’s Image seismic acquisition system.

Green Mountain Geophysics (a subsidiary of Input Output) has released a new version of its Alpine land and marine seismic acquisition project reporting, management and archival software. Version 4.0 now includes a Microsoft Access database export feature along with sample reports and queries.


Alpine users can now graphically represent custom data fields for station, source and permit information. A spreadsheet interface is provided for access to permit information. Users can define custom data fields for additional permit attributes. GMG is expanding support for multi-component acquisition in both its Alpine and Mesa products.

Better Image

Shotpoint number representation has been expanded to support floating-point numbers, alphanumeric line names, and instrument definition. This should provide a greater level of SPS compliance. The new software also offers robust, automatic updating of the Alpine database from Input Output’s Image seismic acquisition system.

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