SeisVision for OpenWorks

Geographix’s SeisVision can now share project data with OpenWorks and SeisWorks.

Landmark’s Geographix unit has upgraded its Windows-based SeisVision interpretation system to interoperate with Landmark’s flagship OpenWorks database environment. SeisVision for OpenWorks provides a dynamic link between Geographix’s SeisVision and Landmark’s UNIX-based SeisWorks and OpenWorks products.


Landmark’s customers now have a seismic interpretation system that can scale across IT infrastructures from Windows 2000, NT to UNIX. This allows organizations to “better manage their application and IT expenses by providing a completely flexible and cost-effective configuration option.”

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SeisVision’s seismic data is now directly linked to OpenWorks or SeisWorks projects. SeisVision users can interpret horizons, faults, and surfaces that are then stored, in real time, into a SeisWorks project file. The system also provides for well and curve data exchange via the GeoGraphix Discovery WellXchange module.

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