Magnetic pulse in North Sea

Logtek is to provide MPI’s XACTware full wave processing in North Sea.

MagneticPulse’s XACTware acoustic full wave phase velocity analysis software will be available in the North Sea through Stavanger-based Logtek A.S. Founded in 1997, Logtek is an independent log analysis company offering a full range of Petrophysical and Log Analysis services. Logtek specializes in reprocessing ‘difficult’ North Sea acoustic data acquired by mono and dipole acoustic logging tools.


MPI’s XACTware delivers accurate phase velocity of compressional, shear and Stoneley waves acquired in difficult environments such as unconsolidated formations, cased hole, or by an under performing tool. Its built-in features allow analysis in time, frequency and space domains of acoustic signal acquired by separate receivers. XACTware is claimed to offer efficient diagnostics for quality control of acoustic tool performance.

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