GUPCO’s Pyramid

BP’s Egyptian joint venture is building the ‘Pyramid’ data repository with GeoQuest technology.

Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (Gupco), BP’s joint venture with the Egyptian General Petroleum Company is to build a repository for upstream data using GeoQuest’s Finder data management system. Gupco project manager Hassan Hataba said “The Pyramid data management project has been identified as the core company project that will deliver growth throughout the company.


It will allow manpower resources to work more efficiently.” The Pyramid will provide Gupco’s 100 users with access to data on 1100 wells and 150,000 kilometers of seismics. Gupco deputy exploration manager, Tim Marchante added “Gupco made great progress in bringing digital technologies into its core E&P business. We are now preparing to take the next step with a secure, accurate and trusted digital database.”

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