WebVista collaborative seismic processing

CGG’s web hosted project management software aids virtual teamwork on seismic processing and reservoir projects

CGG’s new WebVista software offers its processing and reservoir project clients web-based project tracking and reporting system. Authorized clients have real-time access to all relevant information concerning a project from a web-browser.

Decision support

WebVista is said to clarify and accelerate decision-making through improved communication. It highlights priorities at each stage, provides real-time project status and allows the project team to focus on key issues. It reduces the number of meetings that need to be held throughout the life of a project and helps to better focus the agendas of the meetings that do take place. Decision-making is accelerated, leading to reduced project turnaround time.


Better communications involve clients more closely with their projects. Project plan updates are instantly available for client validation and comment to achieve consensus. WebVista is hosted on the CGG website in a protected area, guaranteeing asset security. All project-relevant information, such as Gantt charts, weekly reports, emails, data and other project documentation is catalogued in the system, simplifying document access and retrieval through the use of hyperlinks.

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