3D for the masses

Schlumberger has been working with SGI and Barco to bring interactive three dimensional visualization to very large audiences.

PDM was present at a world premier of GeoQuest’s new immersive visualization “iCenter” in London last month. Described as a breakthrough in large screen 3D display, the iCenter eliminates the requirement for expensive electronic-shuttered stereo glasses.


The technology provides interactive stereo imagery to large audiences (500-1000) through ‘passive stereo’. The results are impressive, vivid colors, high resolution and good response time.


GeoQuest’s Rod Laver is a convincing evangelist for high-end visualization. Indeed 3D visualization does appear to be coming of age. This is the first time such high quality 3D is accessible to such a large audience. The 8 x 3.5 meter screen offers crisp, vivid 3D thanks to the new Barco/SGI technology. But the point that Laver makes (convincingly) is that 3D immersive visualization lets you perceive object relationships in a whole new way.


Tortuous sedimentary bodies are viewable with the 3D specs in a manner that make traditional map-based representations look rather sad. The demonstration showed a well trajectory which was wrongly directed into a shale member. The need for corrective action is immediately obvious to the massive audience. You could have the asset team, board room and shareholder representation all involved in the decision!


Schlumberger has also announced the formation of a new unit - destined to replace GeoQuest - Schlumberger Information Solutions. Within the new unit, a sub-unit “i-Reservoir” will group decision support, data management, IT and expert services. One senses that a major reorganization is being undertaken by Schlumberger.


But as yet, the re-branding is a bit lacking in clarity. PDM will be reporting on these issues and on the GeoQuest “Connect” Forum in next month’s issue, meanwhile, read our exclusive interview on page 3 with Satish Pai, president of both GeoQuest and the new SIS unit.

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