Petrel’s new functions

Technoguide’s Petrel is positioned as the geotechnical equivalent of Microsoft Office.

Norwegian Technoguide has released a new version of Petrel, its Windows-based reservoir modeling suite. Described as a multi-disciplinary tool for interactive 3D modeling, Petrel claims over 100 clients companies and approximately 200 users worldwide.


Technoguide’s Paal Hovdenak told PDM “Petrel is the ‘Office’ of the geotechnical world and is the everyday tool for all members of the asset team. Petrel’s ease of use allows all users to view data through the same interface.” The new 3.2 release expands functionality to include interactive production and simulation data analysis and plotting and seismic depth conversion. Satellite images can be imported and draped over structural maps.

Voxel rendering

In the next release scheduled for later this year, Petrel will include powerful voxel rendering, leveraging the price performance of off-the-shelf PC graphics cards such as the Elsa Erazor. More from

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