Open Spirit V2.1 announced

A new ‘commercial’ version of E&P middleware Open Spirit adds functionality and extends platform support.

OpenSpirit Corp. has announced a new version of its ‘vendor-neutral,’ platform-independent application framework. Version 2.1 adds support for Landmark OpenWorks 98.5 and GeoQuest GeoFrame 3.8 servers, support for basic Earth Models, horizons and horizon properties, improved event gateway functionality and support for Microsoft Windows NT/2000 C++ clients. In addition, the new release includes system performance improvements and enhanced deployment tools.


Open Spirit CEO Neil Buckley said “With this release, our customers will be able to integrate a rich set of applications across a broader range of computer platforms. OpenSpirit 2.1 reflects our commitment and continued focus on key areas of interoperability that maximize work-flow and decision efficiency for the oil and gas sector”. OpenSpirit claims to accelerate time to market for software vendors and to improve workflow integration for oil and gas companies. More from

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