Accenture & SAP develop e-commerce

Accenture and SAP are rejuvenating their 8 year long oil and gas industry collaboration

Arthur Andersen and SAP first joined forces in the energy industry to develop IS-Oil in 1993. Now SAP and Accenture renew their commitment to work together, expanding their strategic relationship in the energy industry. The alliance will capitalize on Accenture’s industry knowledge and e-commerce capability coupled with SAP’s e-business, to deliver solutions for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. The new e-business solutions will leverage web efficiencies to condense cycle times, reduce inventories and streamline pricing procedures and capacity utilization.


Lead Accenture partner Paul Fockens said “SAP and Accenture have an exceptional track record of teamwork to the benefit of our clients in the industry. We look forward to introducing this alliance to our clients.”


SAP board member Peter Zencke added “In an increasingly competitive oil and gas industry, ‘thought leadership’ and proven e-business solutions are critical ingredients to success. SAP looks forward to expanding its alliance with Accenture in the energy industry.”

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