ONGC inaugurates geophysical facility

India’s new processing center in the Himalayan foothills is the largest computer installation in the country.

Chairman and MD Bikash Chandra Bora inaugurated the ONGC’s new processing center at Dehradun, Northern India this month.


The center, built under contract by Paradigm Geophysical at a cost of $ 10 million deploys Paradigm’s software running on hardware components from Silicon Graphics and IBM. Bora said “We are privileged to have witnessed a milestone in the history of ONGC.

Origin 2000

The installation of the SGI Origin 2000, with processing, interpretation, and reservoir characterization software from Paradigm Geophysical marks a new chapter in the continuing saga of seismic data analysis.”

Problem data

ONGC scientists have already identified a new prospect in one of its existing fields using the new installation. A first target for the new software will be improving the sub-surface imagery of problem data in the hilly terrain of Asam and Tripura.

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