Terrasciences & GeoFrame

TerraStation can now interoperate with Schlumberger’s GeoFrame as a new product ‘TerraFrame.’

Terrasciences TerraStation II will soon integrate Schlumberger’s GeoFrame environment via a new product TerraFrame. Terrasciences’ developer Keith Kempton explained “TerraFrame is a TerraStation that stores its data in a hybrid database. TerraFrame can be used in a hybrid mode, with log curves and deviation surveys resident in GeoFrame directly.


TerraFrame can also be used as a standard TerraStation, with tools for transferring data into and out of existing GeoFrame databases.” The initial version of TerraFrame will run on Solaris. The system is in the final stages of beta testing. A GeoFrame 4.0 compatible version is also under development. Kerr-McGee Corp. assisted with the development of this capability.

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