Accenture in Upstream

Accenture and Novistar are to collaborate on e-commerce business integration services.

Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) has teamed with Novistar to leverage e-Commerce efficiencies to reduce E&P costs. Novistar was formed by the combination of Oracle’s vertical business in energy, Oracle Energy, and Torch Energy Advisors Incorporated, an early customer of Oracle Energy.


Accenture will provide e-Commerce business integration services to enhance Novistar’s software applications and service delivery. This relationship will facilitate complete coverage of the U.S. upstream petroleum industry from planning through consolidated financial reporting, for large or small, domestic or multinational companies.


Accenture partner Ken Theut said “Novistar’s software and client support deliver value to the U.S. upstream market. Its business process outsourcing model offers affordable access to state-of-the-art upstream software by reducing application deployment and maintenance costs.”


Novistar president and CEO, Trip Ray added, “Novistar’s legacy lies in its products and services, which reduce the costs of conducting business in the upstream. When you combine our product with Accenture’s industry reach and delivery knowledge, you create an alliance that empowers customers with the enhanced capabilities to make more informed business decisions. Together we are the solution provider of choice for the upstream market.” More from

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