I/O’s VectorSeis for Veritas

Veritas is to deploy Input Output’s new multi-component geophone on its North American land crews.

Veritas DGC Inc. and Input Output (I/O) are to cooperate on the commercialization of I/O’s VectorSeis digital sensor. The new geophone, revealed at the SEG last August (see PDM Vol. 5 N° 8) is a 3-component digital accelerometer. Veritas will deploy the new technology on its North American land seismic crews. It is claimed that the new phone has the potential to improve subsurface imaging and interpretation of key reservoir attributes.

La Fleur

Rob LaFleur, Senior VP of Veritas’ land division said, “The collaboration with I/O provides an affordable solution for the acquisition and processing of multi-component land seismic data. The benefit to our customers provided by this revolutionary new sensor technology will be of immense value in helping to understand the reservoir”


Bud Pope, Vice President of I/O’s Land Division added, “Our field tests over the past 18 months have provided encouraging results for substantially enhanced seismic image quality. The alliance with Veritas, will accelerate our commercialization efforts over the next year.” More from www.i-o.com.

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