POSC XML Roadshow (January 2001)

POSC has been spreading the e-commerce word at meetings in Stavanger, Houston and London. Highlights include two new XML based initiatives for SEG-Y and the POSC Exchange Format (PEF).

At the London meet, Seb Lessware of UK-based Laser-Scan described the Open GIS Consortium's Interoperability 2000 project designed to provide interoperability between Geographical Information Systems and map data servers. The Mapping Testbed project provides XML-based standards for map servers, feature servers and specifies standard query language (also in XML) for performing complex GIS queries such as “find all the oilifields within 2miles of this pipleline.” The project uses a new markup language - “Geography ML.”


John Bobbit introduced two new XML data specifications. In addition to the two well log standards announced last year (WellLogML for data and LogGraphicsML for plots) the new specifications cover geophysics and E&P databases. The new geophysical modeling language is designed to provide portability of SEG-Y seismic data by mapping the SEG-Y header information into XML. The self describing nature of XML and the file portability should help processing centers and seismic data librarians manage the plethora of antique and varied 'flavors' of the format. The specification is intended for the header information, and will not affect the binary header or trace data.


Another new XML initiative is PEF XML. The POSC Exchange Format is a specification for migrating E&P databases. The move to XML will bring this technology into the web-age. More from www.posc.org.

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