@Risk faster now (January 2001)

A new version of @Riskís Accelerator adds macro support and enhanced parallel processing capacity on unused LAN CPU cycles.

Palisade Corp. vendors of the popular Excel plug-in for risk analysis has released a new version of its parallel computing infrastructure, the @RISK Accelerator. The Accelerator splits up a simulation and shares it out between available CPUs over a network. Each CPU completes its portion of the simulation and sends the results back to be compiled. All this is transparent to the user. The result is Ďnear linearí increase in speed with each additional CPU used.


@RISK Accelerator V.2 is intended for running large, complex @RISK models for mission critical decision making, such as simulation of portfolios. The latest version adds enhanced support for @RISK 4.0, custom macros and add-ins in user models. The upgrade is free for current @RISK Accelerator 1.0 users.ź

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