Project Browser for Marathon (January 2001)

Exprodat has licensed its Landmark Project Browser and Project Documenter to Marathon Oil Company.

UK-based Exprodat Ltd. has licensed its Project Browser and Project Documenter software (formerly known as WoW!) to Marathon Oil Company, Houston. The deal allows unlimited access to the software by all Marathon employees working in their Houston headquarters.


Exprodat Project Browser web-based modular components form part of a corporate information portal. Server modules generate Web pages dynamically for display in the browser. Marathonís users can browse the contents of multiple OpenWorks, SeisWorks and Z-MAPPlus databases from any platform without knowledge of the operating system, applications or database structure. Project Browser integrates directly with ESRIís ArcView and ArcIMS.


Project Documenter allows interpreters to gather key seismic project and interpretation metadata together, and add value and context through a simple, spreadsheet-style interface. The application integrates tightly with SeisWorks and OpenWorks. Data captured with Documenter is stored within the OpenWorks project database, so the documentation forms an integral part of the project data store.


ďThese are great products,Ē said Sharon Crawford, Computer Aided Interpretation Supervisor at Marathon Oil. ďGeoscientists have easy access through the web to well and seismic information in our databases allowing more efficient use of their time. We are also better able to document workflows, which is a great help with Marathonís knowledge management processĒ.


Exprodat director Bruce Rodney said ďMarathon has been an early adopter, recognizing the benefits of providing fast, intuitive Web-based access to key project databases. There is an increasing awareness of the need to capture knowledge around these databases, preserving and enhancing their business value. This is where our products will help Marathon fully exploit their data assets. We look forward to working closely with Marathon in the continuing development of Project Browser and Project Documenter.Ē More fromź

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