Seismic Storefront (January 2001)

WesternGeco and Veritas are cooperating on the development of seismic e-commerce standards and technology for use on the Schlumberger portal IndigoPool. The ĎSeismic Storefrontí will be open to all IndigoPool customers.

Veritas DGC and WesternGeco have signed an agreement with IndigoPool on new technology for geophysical e-business. The companies will co-develop standards and new technology to publish, market and license multi-client seismic data on line.


Veritas and WesternGeco own and market multi-client seismic libraries totaling over 3 million linear kilometers of 2D data and 540,000 square kilometers of 3D data. The combined libraries cover virtually every important oil and gas-producing basin in the world. Under the agreement, the companies will publish their respective data libraries on the IndigoPool Web site.

Seismic Storefront

The technology developed by the venture will be available to all owners of seismic data through IndigoPool. Using this new technology, sellers will be able to create and manage a private ĎSeismic Storefrontí within the IndigoPool e-marketplace, from where they can reach a global pool of buyers, exchange highly technical information with their clients, and conduct secure business transactions online. The Seismic Storefront will be accessible on the IndigoPool Web site or directly through the sellerís own Web site.


Varitasí e-business director Randy Woodruff said ďAdopting technology that makes it easier for customers to do business with us in an e-commerce setting has been our goal in this collaboration with IndigoPool.Ē


IndigoPool president Dan Magyar added ďWe are pleased to join with the leaders of the geophysical industry to create true e-commerce technology for the benefit of the global multi-client seismic business. IndigoPool is already the premier site for global oil and gas properties and exploration acreage, with more than $3 billion in current listings. With this new venture, we combine the oil and gas properties business with the seismic data business in a single, powerful e-marketplace.Ēź

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