Full wave acoustics (January 2001)

Magnetic Pulse Inc. has developed new patented signal processing software for full waveform sonic log processing.

Fremont, CA-based Magnetic Pulse Inc. has released new full waveform sonic processing software XACTware. Using patented acoustic signal processing technology, the multiple tool is said to deliver unprecedented accuracy and speed. XACTware is logging tool independent and produces accurate results from all of the currently available full wave sonic or acoustic tools.


XACTware computes phase distribution for each receiver and compares matching signals from receiver to receiver within the specified time range. Neither amplitude or frequency variations among receivers impact the accuracy of the results. Comprehensive quality control features allow the user to quickly identify problematic intervals in the logs and cross check each against the recorded raw data for veracity. XACTware is available for Win95/98/2000/NT Desktops and Laptops for on-site processing.


MPI was founded in 1985 to commercialize pulsed technology originally developed for military applications. This work led to the development of the XHR pulsed induction tool - which uses 10 million watt pulses. More from www.magneticpulse.com.

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