Holland & Davis to help GeoQuest clients (January 2001)

GeoQuest’s North American clients will now have access to implementation and change management consulting services from Holland & Davis.

The North American division of GeoQuest has chosen Holland & Davis Inc. (HDI) to provide “organizational alignment services” for the implementations of GeoQuest's US E&P data and information management solutions. HDI is a Houston-based management consulting company. Founded in the 1970’s, HDI’s first client was NASA. HDI provides strategy development and implementation (including e-strategies), operational improvement, organizational performance management, training, development, and project management.


Geoquest VP for US operations, Larry Gutman said “Our goal in any implementation is for our clients to get the full business value from their investment in GeoQuest's solutions. There are many important elements of a successful implementation beyond getting the technology itself up and running. People using new software need appropriate training, but there's a bigger picture to consider. New technology frequently functions differently, making things possible that were not possible before, enabling people to work more productively and to add more value. HDI’s organizational skills will help our clients realize this value.”


Bill Nash, HDI president added “Over the years, we've seen companies underestimate or minimize their efforts in this area. We look forward to working with GeoQuest's technical team and clients to help them gain full benefit from their investments.” More from www.hdinc.com.

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