Autodesk GIS Design Server (January 2001)

Autodesk has announced the GIS Design Server - for storage and management of map data. The new map server supports thousands of distributed users from an Oracle 8i database.

The Autodesk GIS Design Server (AGDS) is described as the cornerstone of the company's vision and strategy for bringing an end-to-end GIS solution to energy and utility companies. AGDS will provide tight, flexible integration between Autodesk's GIS products and a proven enterprise GIS server. Autodesk GIS Design Server is based on the VISION technology acquired by Autodesk in 1999. The server seamlessly and quickly delivers location-based data to the user's desktop, via the Web and in the field. The server works in concert with the design and mapping capabilities of AutoCAD Map software, and the Web and mobile features of Autodesk MapGuide OnSite.

Oracle 8i

Based on an Oracle8i database, the integrated solution is said to elevate GIS into a mainstream business support system. The server scales to thousands of operational users regardless of application type. Tight technical integration enables information to freely flow from an Oracle data warehouse to the server and onto mapping and engineering desktops.


The server uses standard open communications protocols, scales across multiple networks and applications and integrates enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Thousands of concurrent users can access and edit maps ‘instantly.’ More from

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