New fish in the ’Pool (January 2001)

Schlumberger’s IndigoPool claims more online assets than all other upstream markets. Latest customer is Repsol YPF.

The latest version of Schlumberger’s IndigoPool e-marketplace introduces a new application framework, and enhancements to security, data purchase and entitlements management.


IndigoPool operations manager Demetrios Stellas said “In the past 12 months, we’ve been chosen by more companies and governments to showcase their global assets and data than all other upstream marketplace sites combined.” Today over 5,700 users and 546 companies, representing 105 countries, have posted assets with a total value surpassing $4 billion on IndigoPool.


Spanish Repsol YPF is IndigPool’s latest major client. Repsol is selling its Azerbaijani exploration assets and farming out acreage in Kazakhstan. Repsol e-business director Bernard Gremillet said “IndigoPool is key to our e-Business strategy and will help accelerate the way we do business by making our assets immediately visible to a global audience. We had a request for a Data Book after only one week on the Web site.” 

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