DAEX adopts XML (January 2001)

DAEX can now trade data with systems using POSCs WellLogML exchange format.

Oilfield Systems is to include the POSC well log data standard WellLogML into its E&P data exchange middleware, DAEX.


Nick Chart, Oilfield Systems' head of operations explained XML is a formal, text-based format for describing data and documents. DAEX uses XML for data transport through our link. Oilfield Systems is participating in industry initiatives to define a set of standard XML representations of E&P data types. We contributed to the definition of WellLogML and now provide DAEX components both to read and write the format. We can now, for instance, load WellLogML into OpenWorks, GeoFrame, Recall, Geolog and various proprietary databases or produce it from these sources.


Chart continued, DAEX is a total data movement solution. Traditional approaches burden the user with the responsibility of tracking exchange files and manually exporting and importing them. Also, the exported data file often has to be edited to conform to the expectations of the receiving program. DAEX automates the whole transfer process, relieving the user of this burden and removing possible sources of error. More from www.oilfield-systems.com.

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