Portfolio management for Merak (January 2001)

Merak has completed the integration of PDIs portfolio management concepts into its Capital Planning suite.

Merak originally partnered with John Howells Portfolio Decisions Inc. (PDI) last year (see PDM Vol. 5 N 4). The agreement called for the incorporation of PDIs portfolio management concepts into Meraks Capital Planning software. The development is now completed, and Capital Planning now includes some of the functionality of the PDI Perspectives portfolio management application. The combination of these products brings Merak's software development and PDI's portfolio processes together to help companies analyze portfolio and risk optimization.


PDI founder John Howell said, The initial release will add Perspectives functionality to manage business performance and to identify projects that are strategic to the corporate strategy. The release incorporates analytic methods and enhanced graphic capabilities for more effective data analysis in Capital Planning. Clients will immediately be able to assess their business plans relative to their strategy and define alternative investment scenarios to balance their business performance. The first release of this combined product will be shortly.


Concomitant with the rollout, Merak are embarking on a Capital Planning road show - kicking off in Calgary. More on other show locations from www.merak.com.

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