PDM Book Review - Oracle and SQL Server Integration (January 2001)

The new book by Merak database guru Stephen Chelack provides an excellent overview of modern database technologies and integration.

“Oracle 8i and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Integration” provides a timely snapshot of real-world IT. The book covers topics from the integration of the title, to web data access, security and the role of XML. The book sets out to provide the lowdown on how the competing databases work.


The importance of tools such as SQL Server DTS, Oracle Migration Workbench, Universal Data Access, replication and Microsoft BizTalk server are clearly explained. The book is refreshingly free of the abstraction and obfuscation that many authors use to cover their lack of hands-on experience. Chapters on data storage, optimization, networking, migration and internet integration make this book a great overview of the subject - ideal for the manager in a hurry who wants to see what can (and should) be done to get maximum benefit from modern databases and infrastructure. Practitioners will still have to RTFM, but this book will help them decide which of the myriad of volumes on their shelves to consult.


The chapter on web tools and solutions offers tips for mobile computing, and building Enterprise Information Systems with tools like Microsoft’s Digital Dashboard or Oracle Portal. Finally, a chapter looks at the future and offers an enlightening discussion of the commercial battle being waged between the IT behemoths.


The new book from Stephen Chelack is in no way specific to upstream IT. But Chelack’s experience as Senior Database Architect with Merak has given him extensive experience of both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Chelack told PDM “We've used many of the migration techniques in the book not only in development but also in QA and support.”

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All in all, this book is a great overview of today's heterogeneous IT systems and is full of useful ideas for tying things together. Essential reading - buy it today!

“Oracle 8i and Microsoft SQL Server Integration” by Stephen Chelack. M&T Books 2001. ISBN 0-7645-4699-6.


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