Seitel Solutions (January 2001)

Seitelís Solutions unit is developing with SAN technology from IBM and acquisitions of EDM Products Inc. and Lacey Digitalís tape software.

Seismic data specialists Seitel is fleshing out its Solutions unit (PDM Vol. 5 Nį 9) into an internet-enabled virtual seismic data store. The unit will serve both Seitelís own internal needs Ė particularly for the management of its massive petabyte seismic library Ė and will offer oil and gas companies an enterprise data management system based on the storage solution provider model.


Last month, Seitel partnered with IBM for the design of what is claimed as one of the worldís largest Storage Area Networks (SAN) and bought Canadian data access specialist EDM Products Inc. This month, Seitel has bolstered its data management offering with the acquisition of Windows-based transcription and data capture software from Lacey Digital.


The backbone of the Solution is the North American Energy Corridor Ė a high speed virtual link between Calgary, Denver, Houston and New Orleans. The SAN architecture comprises IBM storage products including the Shark Enterprise Storage Server, IBM tape storage devices and Tivoli Storage Manager.


Head of IBMís Storage Systems Group, Linda Sanford said ďSeitel is taking a visionary step that places it at the forefront of the petroleum industry, changing the way traditional oil and gas exploration is done.Ē


Seitel CEO Paul Frame added ďThe combination of IBM's storage solutions capability and Seitel's content including our seismic data library, create a leading-edge solution to oil and gas exploration that has never before been offered to the industry . We chose IBM as our technology partner because we are taking Seitel into the next generation of oil and gas exploration. IBM is a partner that understands our vision, has the products and skills to implement it and is the leader in e-business.Ē


EDM CEO Paul Coward will remain in the Solutions unit, giving Seitel a seat on the board of the PPDM Association and chairmanship of the Seismic Standards Committee. The addition of EDMís products extends Seitelís scope beyond seismic into inventory tracking, well data, and pipelines. See our interview with Paul Frame on page 3.ź

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