SGI and Landmark

Landmark and SGI are to market ‘Reality Centers’ pre-loaded with Magic Earth’s GeoProbe interpretation software.

Landmark Graphics Corp. is teaming with Silicon Graphics (SGI) to jointly market GeoProbe software and SGI Reality Center visualization facilities. GeoProbe was developed by Magic Earth, recently acquired by Landmark parent group Halliburton.


Landmark president John Gibson said, “Landmark is pleased to partner with SGI in this joint marketing effort. GeoProbe and the SGI Reality Center will help our customers locate new reserves and identify by-passed plays. Customer interest in GeoProbe and SGI systems is exceeding our initial expectations.”


SGI CEO Bob Bishop added, “We have 550 Reality Centers around the world and 120 in the energy sector. The oil industry’s future lies in the visualization of large, complex datasets, and in collaboration to improve decision-making and reduce risk. We are working with Landmark to enable this paradigm shift in the use of visualization infrastructures.”


Under the marketing agreement, Landmark will provide the overall project leadership, application software and software-related consulting services. SGI will provide the hardware, display system and consulting services associated with setting up the environment.

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