Conoco to create project archival system (December 2001)

Conoco is building a project archive management system for its worldwide exploration effort. Prime contractor is Exprodat, which is also developing an interface between the archive and Conocoís geographic information system.

Conoco has selected Exprodat Technology Inc. to develop a Project Archive Management System for use within Conocoís exploration departments worldwide. Exprodat is to build a web-based project archival system which will manage information from multiple applications, databases and documents. Archives may be created in either vendor-specific native formats, or in industry-standard neutral formats.


Pat Meroney, Solutions Analyst for Conoco Inc. ďWe wanted a solution that addressed the business value of the archive, not the IT side. In addition, we get the option to archive in neutral formats, which gives the archives a potential lifespan of decades. Systems on the market today focus on copying bytes from disk to tape.Ē


Exprodat president Bruce Rodney added ďMetadata is the key to this project and our goal is to create rich data descriptions, so that Conoco will never have to restore a project just to see whatís on the tapeĒ.

GIS integration

The system will integrate with Conocoís Geographical Information Systems (GIS) so that archived projects can be browsed spatially. The distinguishing requirement of the system is the rich business description of the projectís contents that remains online once data is archived.


The Project Archiver is being developed for deployment within Conoco during the first quarter 2002. The application will be commercialized for sale to third parties later in the year. Exprodatís US unit Exprodat Technology Inc. was set up to leverage Exprodatís technology, originally developed for the Web Open Works data browser, WOW. WOW was sold to Landmark Graphics Corp. earlier this year. More fromź

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