New report highlights terror risk

A report from consultants Utilis outlines the risks to energy and utilities from terrorists and saboteurs. IT and physical infrastructure vulnerabilities are covered.

Utilis Energy, located in New York and London, has just completed a study on Energy Infrastructure Security. While the study’s focus is primarily the downstream/utilities arena, the report has relevance to all sectors of the oil and gas business. The report offers an overview of different threats to the energy business such as terrorism, sabotage and hacking.

IT vulnerabilities

Around 20 pages of the 100 plus page report are devoted to IT threats and countermeasures. A section on cyber security outlines basic system vulnerabilities such as weak password security, poor backup strategies and hacker attacks. An appendix provides additional material and recommendations on matters such as specific Windows and UNIX


The report includes three case studies, including how Cantor Fitzgerald managed to carry on trading in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center. The report is available from Utilis at a cost of $995. More from

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