AVS/Express illuminates streamlines

Advanced Visual Systems AVS/Express 6 has been updated with new 3D lighting and rendering. The software now handles massive 2 giga-element data sets.

Advanced Visual Systems’ AVS/Express now offers an “illuminated lines” visualization technique. By combining stream lines and particle animation with advanced texture display techniques, the generic data visualization software blends 3D lighting, motion and 3D flow structure in a single view.

Batch rendering

The handling of transparent objects is improved by a new, two-pass method. The UNIX version offers off-screen rendering for ‘windowless’ batch operation. Data management has been enhanced. AVS/Express 6 increases the size limit for arrays on 64-bit platforms to 2 giga-elements. The latest release also sports a thoroughly revamped MPEG generator, readers for NetCDF and Plot3D formats and a utility for combining series of 2D image files into a 3D volume.


AVS CTO Jeff Tingle said, “This release of AVS/Express, adds features that appeal to the broadest possible user base while continuing to provide cutting-edge new visualization techniques for our most sophisticated users. Our 11-year tradition of industry-leading visual quality and graphics performance has been enhanced with new usability and interface components that continue to provide state of the art visualization techniques to our global customer base.”


AVS/Express users with current licenses and maintenance agreements will receive an upgrade package automatically by mail. More from www.avs.com.

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