Organik KM tool for GTS-Geotech

GTS-Geotech has bought Orbital Software’s Organik knowledge management software for its worldwide IT support operations.

GTS-Geotech has licensed Orbital Software’s Organik knowledge management software to bolster support services to its oil and gas clients. Geotech uses Organik to leverage the expertise of its worldwide team of consultants to resolve clients’ IT problems. Organik now forms part of Geotech’s ExPert intranet, giving users access to expert knowledge sources, a Help Desk system and IT and geoscience applications. ExPert lets Geotech apply best practices, reduces duplication of effort and improves efficiency and productivity. Information can be shared internally and distributed externally to customers and partners.


Alin Farah, Geotech MD said, “Our consultants and engineers need quick and reliable access to information in an accessible, comprehensible form. We expect to see demonstrable value within just a few weeks of implementation.” Organik provides a question and answer forum to efficiently share expertise. Patented ‘people-profiling’ technology creates and dynamically updates user profiles and builds an extensive knowledge database that records previously asked questions and answers for future use.


Orbital Software COO Brian Gray said, “This is a clear sign of the value now attached to the management of intellectual capital in global businesses. Organik is set to become Geotech’s primary communications tool.” Geotech, a privately owned group, provides IT support and consultancy services to oil and gas companies worldwide. Headquartered in the UK, GTS-Geotech has operational centers in London, Aberdeen, Houston and the United Arab Emirates. More from

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