Vendors adopt Open Spirit platform

OpenSpirit has got new support from a dozen software houses for its integration platform and an endorsement from TotalFinaElf’s researchers.

A dozen or so upstream software vendors have announced that they are to develop OpenSpirit-enabled versions of their software. OpenSpirit allows developers to write to a single application programming interface (API) that supports data access to both Landmark’s OpenWorks and Schlumberger’s GeoFrame and most recently, Finder. OpenSpirit’s shareholders are Chevron, Shell and Schlumberger.


TotalFinaElf (TFE) recently lent its support to the integration platform. Philippe Chalon, VP Information Systems for TFE said “TFE has chosen OpenSpirit as the software integration platform for its internal R&D. OpenSpirit lets us deliver the fruits of our R&D projects to our geoscientists in a timely manner. Through OpenSpirit, these can be integrated with the major E&P applications.”


One typical OpenSpirit development is from NuTec Energy Services. Version 4.2 of Nutech’s Prima uses OpenSpirit to link directly to GeoFrame and OpenWorks, improving data access, workflow and integration of NuTec products with other applications.

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