Pakistan data management for LMK

Landmark’s/Grandbasin’s PetroBank and Surfer will be deployed to manage Pakistan’s 10 terabyte national data repository.

The Pakistan government has awarded Landmark affiliate LMK Resources the exclusive rights to market and promote all of Pakistan’s E&P data. The five year contract involves the archival and management of 10 terabytes of seismic and well data on behalf of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources in Islamabad. The repository will leverage Landmark’s PetroBank data management system and web-based Surf and Connect data browser.


Petroleum Minister Usman Aminuddin said, “By implementing PetroBank in Pakistan, we join the select group of countries that have their E&P data available on line. We hope to further boost our oil and gas potential by giving companies fast and efficient access to valuable data.” Landmark acquired a controlling stake in LMK Resources (previously Mathtec) earlier this year (see PDM Vol.6 N°3).


Halliburton president Dave Lesar added “This is indicative of the expansion we are seeing in our data management business, driven by Landmark’s acquisition of PetroBank earlier this year.” G.A. Sabri, head of Pakistan’s Petroleum Directorate concluded “Our relationship with LMK Resources has been one of mutually rewarding technology partners. The self-financing data management model is a success story and can be easily tailored for implementation in other countries to provide efficient and cost-effective access to their E&P data.”

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