SeiScan to integrate FileTek StorHouse

A new seismic data management system from SeiScan will offer row-level access to seismic data.

FileTek, Inc. has signed a memorandum of understanding with SeiScan GeoData Ltd. for sales and marketing of FileTek’s StorHouse and Cetera products. These will be integrated with SeiScan’s Magma and GeoServe technologies.


The new system stores seismic data on a common depth point/trace-by-trace basis. This offers users direct access to their data, eliminating the need for complex polycut processes during retrieval. In e-commerce environments, speed of data delivery is said to be critical.


SeiScan’s Chairman Robert Pettit said, “We are delighted to bring StorHouse technology into the E&P market place. The system is the only near-line storage solution to provide row-level granularity of access to both geoscientific and commercial data from one repository.”

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