Reservoir modeling webcast

Spotfire’s DecisionSite data mining has been used to optimize horizontal well placement.

Spotfire DecisionSite was featured in a webcast by reservoir analyst Richard Reese of Houston-based Oil & Gas Consultants, Inc. Reese showed how Spotfire’s horizontal technology (see PDM Vol. 6 N° 9) helped determine potential wellbore tracks for horizontal infill wells in a producing oil field.

Geocellular model

Using Spotfire’s analytical capability, Reese showed how petrophysical and seismic data, processed and formatted to a geocellular model, is integrated with time-dependent production data, to optimize horizontal wellbores.


Sensitivity analysis was performed at several potential infill drilling locations. The DecisionSite analysis led to a new 2,000 barrel per day oil well in an old field with average production of just 200 barrels per day.

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