Proxis KM suite from Wellogix

New knowledge management software from Wellogix offers protection against the ‘brain drain’ of retiring experts.

Houston-based e-business software house Wellogix is rolling out its new Proxis Suite of knowledge management tools. Proxis is a web-based set of data source independent applications, designed to improve corporate decision-making and performance through instant, ubiquitous access to stored expertise. The new software facilitates corporate-wide implementation of best practices, policies, and processes.


Wellogix VP Bill Chikirivao said, “Complex industries face a ‘brain-drain’ within the next five years, as veterans depart at a faster rate than new employees can be trained. The Proxis suite mitigates knowledge loss by helping companies transfer knowledge from retiring experts and make it permanent and internally ubiquitous via Intranets. Our new line of knowledge management products and services helps turn knowledge processes into competitive advantages.”


Proxis integrates technical and financial data, making technical-to-business connectivity a reality. The tools also support multiple rule sets to address large organizations in which best practices vary by business unit, geographical region or mission-critical job function.

Hosted solution

Proxis is available as hosted Internet applications or installed as Intranet software within a company’s firewall. Implementation requirements are minimal. A browser and network access are all that is required. More from

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