Datamation’s InControl of inventory

Startup software company tracks oilfield inventory to combat equipment ‘wastage.’

Start-up Datamation Software’s InControl tracks oilfield production equipment so that it can be used more efficiently. InControl keeps tabs on inventory location, specifications and use status. The software can help an operator re-deploy underutilized inventory at a new location instead of purchasing new equipment.


Datamation CEO Luvh Rakhe told PDM,“I founded Datamation while I was still at Harvard. While working as an intern at a small operating company, the accountant approached me with the problem of equipment wastage. I wrote some software to solve this problem and then realized that it might have market potential. I began pitching it locally in Corpus Christi, Texas. As feedback started coming in, we revamped the product, incorporating our customers’ suggestions for improvements.”


A new version of InControl is planned which will integrate with MS Office applications. All documents will be generated in MS Word and all data will be exportable to MS Excel. More from

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