Geotech acquires GDM-UK

GTS-Geotech will create a new data management unit with newly acquired Geodata Management.

GTS-Geotech has acquired data loading specialist Geodata Management (GDM) which will constitute the new GTS-Data Management Group (GDMG). GDMG will offer seismic and well data loading to Seisworks, Openworks, IESX & Charisma, data conversion between Landmark and GeoQuest, database population and rationalization for Finder, OpenExplorer and proprietary databases. Other services available include data clean-up and quality assurance, Electronic Document Management and Knowledge Management population and support, consultancy and project Management.


Adan Farah, General Manager GTS Geotech said, “The formation of GTS-Data Management Group will broaden and enhance our service offering to our clients and will improve our comprehensive geotechnical support to the E&P industry.”


Earlier this year, GTS-Geotech rolled out its ExPert solution for remote, round the clock application support. Headquartered in the UK, GTS-Geotech has operational centers in London, Aberdeen, Houston and the United Arab Emirates and representatives in Brazil, Nigeria and throughout the Middle East. More from

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