TeecWare to market neural net classifier

TEEC has launched a new company to develop and market its software including a new neural net seismic classification tool.

Hanover, Germany-based Trappe Erdol Erdgas Consultants (TEEC) has launched new software business, TEECWare GmbH and has announced new neural network facies classification software NeuroTEEC.


NeuroTEEC uses a patented neural network technique to map seismic facies on the basis of 3D volume attributes. Changes in lithology, rock properties and fluid content are detected from variations in amplitude, shape and lateral continuity of the seismics. NeuroTEEC generates a multiplicity of seismic attributes which may relate to reservoir heterogeneity. The spatial distribution of seismic facies can identify features of the reservoir heterogeneity that are otherwise hard to detect or time consuming to interpret.


Other TEEC software includes CohTEEC for coherency mapping and RefTEEC, a supervised pattern recognition tool which uses the seismic signature at the location of key wells, or at arbitrarily defined locations, to highlight the internal characteristics of selected compartments.

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