Hosted trading from AspenTech

AspenTech’s new PetroVantage offers downstream energy companies a hosted solution for online trading and decision support.

New software from AspenTech unit PetroVantage targets the downstream petroleum supply chain. PetroVantage provides downstream professionals with a hosted solution for decision support, collaborative workflow and dynamic deal negotiation. PetroVantage’s customers include Enron, Citgo, Premcor, Williams Energy Partners and Caleb Brett.


Jay Wiese, VP Williams Energy Partners said, “PetroVantage addresses the challenges and inefficiencies we have identified in our enterprise-wide value chain. By using PetroVantage to make better and more informed decisions, industry players can substantially improve the efficiency of their operations.”


PetroVantage president Charles Moore added, “Our Foundation Client Program provided valuable feedback from participants who piloted the software which continues to be incorporated into the PetroVantage.” Aspen Technology supplies integrated software and solutions to the companies such as BP, Chevron, and Exxon Mobil. More from

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