Thin Anywhere for CoreLab

Mercury International’s web seismic processing environment has been re-branded for use in generic Application Service Provision.

Mercury International Technology’s Interactive Internet Processing has been re-branded as ThinAnywhere (TA). Originally developed to give clients remote access to MIT’s seismic processing suite iXL, the technology has developed into a generic Application Service Provision (ASP) offering. TA features include native support for all X-Windows functionality, PEX 3D, OpenGL, true color and auto-reconnect. Security is assured with 128 bit ‘military quality’ AES encryption and certificate-based authentication along with normal password control.

Core Lab

Sudhakar, VP Seismic Technology with Core Lab unit Scott Pickford commented “We have computer assets, software and clients in several different cities. TA allows us to bring the right personnel, the right computer assets and the customers together as if they were in the same room. The security, speed and 3D graphics are just added benefits.”


Phil Hall, VP with Star Geophysics adds “We run high-end technical X-apps with heavy graphic resource requirements. We found TA to be precisely what is needed to effectively run these apps over a Internet connect. TA’s transfer rate is tremendously faster than Hummingbird’s Exceed. The security features and session saving features give us a seamless method to achieve maximum productivity while involving our clients just to the appropriate degree.” More from

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