Fathom tomography from GMG

Green Mountain Geophysics has released new static correction software using turning ray 3D tomography.

Input-Output unit Green Mountain Geophysics (GMG) has released new software for computing static corrections for land seismics. FathTomo, the latest addition to GMG’s Fathom refraction statics package, uses a full 3-D turning ray tomography technique to build an accurate near-surface velocity model. FathTomo is a flexible alternative to the existing delay-time approach for refractor modeling and provides a 3D model slice highlighting near-surface velocity variations.


FathTomo improves results in areas with vertical velocity variations and velocity inversions by comparing delay-times and tomographic inversion to optimize the solution. The new software utilizes a fuller range of offsets for improved long wavelength statics. 3D visualization helps the interpreter determine accurate near-surface velocity models for use in pre-stack depth imaging. A 3D perspective view provides aids comparison of surface elevations and the voxel model. FathTomo is the latest component of GMG’s ‘Millennium Series’ of software tools.

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