Ecopetrol outsources IT

Ecopetrol has awarded Schlumberger Network Solutions a $ 27.5 million contract to develop and support its entire IT infrastructure.

Ecopetrol, the Columbian national oil company, has signed a four year contract with Schlumberger Network Solutions (SNS) to develop, manage and support its entire IT structure. The deal, worth $ 27.5 million, includes computing, telecommunications, applications and data management.


Ecopetrol president Alberto Calderón said, “The new integrated service model will deliver our current service levels and optimize our operational cost. The contract offers a set of initiatives to transfer knowledge in different IT areas so that we can identify opportunities to enhance our infrastructure and to use new technologies to support our business processes”.


The complex outsourcing project covers 6,500 users in 14 locations, 170 servers, 56 routers, 235 business applications and approximately 25 terabytes of information in more than 10 distributed main databases.


In a previous contract, Schlumberger’s GeoQuest unit developed the Petroleum Information Bank, a Finder-based central repository of Columbian oil and gas data.

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