Molli for Petroleum Place

Molli’s MICA economics package now links to US production data through the PetroleumPlace website.

The latest release of Molli Computer Services’ MICA economic analysis software has online links to Petroleum Place. MICA users can now access monthly production history data hosted by Petroleum Place. The data is available as part of Petroleum Place’s DataExplorer suite of online data access and analysis tools. Petroleum Place, the oil and gas asset divestiture specialist obtains the U.S. production data through an agreement with Petro Data Source.


Petroleum Place’s Richard Herrmann said, “Our goal is to reduce cycle times involved in finding and obtaining critical data, allowing engineers to focus their time on analysis.”


MICA performs regression analysis on production data to determine historical trends which are used to forecast future performance. MICA features include economics, P/Z and four point test analysis for gas wells, engineering calculations, graphs and reports. MICA runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT and Windows 2000 and interfaces with Office tools and Windows plotters. More from

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