NetApp and Solid support GrandBasin

NetApp and Solid Systems underpin GrandBasin’s PetroBank in US. Latest addition to GrandBasin’s hardware is a NetApp F880 Filer.

Landmark unit GrandBasin has released details of how it is assuring round the clock, secure data access to its hosted applications. GrandBasin’s applications run in a secure data center owned and managed by Solid Systems Inc.


Solid’s hosting environment in Houston features redundant power and climate control systems, fire suppression and uninterrupted connectivity. The centers utilize two megawatts of power, with three one-megawatt diesel generators for backup, 600 tons of air conditioning and direct connectivity to eleven Tier 1 Internet providers to ensure ‘the shortest route to 94% of the Internet’. Solid’s services include co-location, storage, backup, disaster recovery and systems and database administration. Latest hardware acquisition for the GrandBasin account is a the new high-performance NetApp F880 filer.


GrandBasin president John Faraguna said, “NetApp gives us the functionality and performance required to deliver upstream oil and gas applications in a hosted environment. NetApp’s solutions are easy to integrate into our heterogeneous environment and meet the demanding needs of E&P applications.” The NetApp device will support GrandBasin’s Sun and Dell servers housed at Solid Systems.

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