Well-Inform, operational data tracking

New web-based asset management and cost control software is being developed by Well Data Technologies.

Well Data Technologies’ new Well-Inform software uses the Internet to provide onshore and offshore workers with real-time information on drilling operations. Well-Inform tracks people, equipment, assets, operations and costs and connects workers irrespective of location.

Controlled access

Key subcontractors and regulatory authorities can be given controlled access to the system. Along with the raw data acquired during drilling, Well-Inform captures daily reports, lessons learned, costs and other operational information.

Cost savings

Well Data Technologies claims to demonstrate substantial cost savings through the use of its software through improved equipment logistics, reducing reporting burdens and the creation of a corporate knowledge base. The system was prototyped in the Celtic sea off Ireland where regulatory bodies mandate online access to mud logging data. LAS mud logging and WITS data can be streamed for onshore display. More from www.welldatatech.com.

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