Big software deal for Roxar

Roxar has signed a major deal with Norsk Hydro to supply its IRAP RMS reservoir modeling software. The deal, worth some $ 5.7 million, is one of the largest in Roxar’s history.

Norsk Hydro has awarded Roxar a software contract for a total value of 50 million NOK (about $ 5.7 million) over a five year period. The agreement gives Norsk Hydro’s Exploration and Production division world-wide access to Roxar’s reservoir modeling software, Irap RMS.


Tom Henriksen, Hydro’s Director of Information Systems said, “This agreement is important to Norsk Hydro as it provides our world-wide staff with unlimited access to Roxar’s business-critical system, Irap RMS. RMS will enable us to build better 3D sub-surface models more quickly thanks to a standardized workflow.”


Roxar’s COO Sandy Esslemont added, “This contract represents a milestone to Roxar, and reinforces Norsk Hydro’s confidence in Roxar’s software technology and services. The agreement confirms that Irap RMS is no longer a tool for a limited group of experts within E&P companies, but can be used by geoscientists and engineers in day-to-day operations. We have developed robust solutions for reservoir management in close co-operation with our customers, including Norsk Hydro. In the future, Roxar will continue to break down technological barriers and to provide first class services and support to reservoir modelers.”


The contract is a continuation of the established partnership between Norsk Hydro and Roxar to implement the complete Irap RMS portfolio as a standard tool for 3D reservoir modeling within Norsk Hydro. Under this new agreement, all of Norsk Hydro’s 600 geologists, geophysicists, and reservoir engineers can access the Irap RMS portfolio on Unix workstations, and PC’s.


Roxar provides reservoir modeling software and services to more than 150 global E&P companies, consultancy companies, and universities. Roxar’s Irap RMS modeling tool is deployed within ‘most major’ E&P companies world-wide.

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