Well knowledge management

Landmark has announced 3D DrillView - a knowledge management and visualization tool that leverages historical drilling data to enhance the well planning and drilling process.

Landmark has extended its knowledge management software into the field of well design and drilling. 3D DrillView (3DDV) is a Windows-based visualization environment for geological, geophysical and drilling information. 3D DV provides a new approach to well planning, early identification of drilling hazards and real-time decision support during the drilling phase.

Little boxes

3DDV offers a 3D view of the subsurface with a series of ‘boxes’ located in space and along the well bore. These boxes are a visual analogy for boxes of paper data. Clicking on a box can bring up a list of documents or other information that is pertinent to that spatial location. The tool is real-time enabled, so that data from a currently drilling well can be viewed. 3DDV is a 3D equivalent of Landmark’s Knowledge Reference System - which performs a similar job on a 2D map view.

BP partnership

The software was developed with support from BP whose Anne Drinkwater commented “Staff from BP have been involved from design through pilot testing of the first prototype version. 3DDV is key technology for bringing together multidiscipline teams to help plan our future wells and use all the available information.”


3D Drill View integrates Landmark’s DIMS well history data with the OpenWorks earth model to enhance field development strategies, promote safety and to anticipate drilling hazards. Such benefits are achieved by reviewing historical drilling problems and creating contingency plans before drilling is initiated.


Landmark president and CEO John Gibson said, “Linking engineering tools with knowledge management will allow engineers to focus and apply previously recorded field and well data, and assist them in developing improved well plans while avoiding potential hazards. The combination of better planned wells and a reduction in hazards yields an instant savings both in dollars and in time for our customers.”


Landmark VP Bill Sanstrom added, “3D Drill View dynamically displays three-dimensional real-time updates of well trajectories and log curves from MWD/LWD drilling services. This results in direct, real-time comparison of planned versus actual information, and allows for improved decision-making during drilling operations.”

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