CMG’s parallel IMEX II

CMG’s Black Oil Reservoir Simulator IMEX is now parallelized for PC-based computation.

Computer Modeling Group (CMG) has announced the beta release of IMEX II (that’s a ‘parallel sign, not a roman ‘2’), its PC-based parallel processing reservoir modeling solution. IMEX II adds parallel processing capabilities to CMG’s first generation three-phase black oil simulator, IMEX.


Colin Card, CMG’s Director of Applications and Support said, “This new capability will significantly reduce the amount of time required to perform a full field history match and production forecast, resulting in significant cost savings for our customers”.


IMEX II simulator will take full advantage of cost-effective dual-processor PC workstations through CMG’s generalized parallel sparse solver, Parasol. IMEX II promises a 150% speed increase using a dual processor. CMG has offices in Calgary, Houston, Beijing, London, and Caracas. More from

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