Anisotropic seismic processing

CGG’s new “A+” seismic processing software takes full account of anisotropic velocity fields for enhanced imaging.

CGG is launching what is claimed as ‘the first fully anisotropic seismic data processing service’ under the brand name “A+.” A+ will exploit the earth’s anisotropy in order to deliver ‘a sharper, more focused’ image of the reservoir and give ‘greater insight’ into reservoir properties.


Anisotropy is caused when seismic velocities are dependent on direction. In the past, seismic processing systems have neglected this phenomenon, producing poorly-focused seismic images. CGG’s new technology takes full account of anisotropic velocity fields and produces a sharper image.


Guillaume Cambois, executive VP of data processing and reservoir services said, “A+ is another technical innovation from CGG following the launch of 4Sight, our integrated 4D processing and reservoir services, the port of Geocluster to Linux and our success as the sole provider of on-site 4D processing centers.” More from

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