New US operations for Exprodat

Exprodat Limited has opened a technology-focused affiliate in Denver and is to re-launch its UK unit as Exprodat Consulting.

UK-based Exprodat is to open a technology company in Denver, Colorado. The US affiliate will focus on, and expand the technology capabilities that lead to the development of web Open Works (wOW) which was sold to Landmark Graphics earlier this year.


Using a rapid application development framework, Exprodat Technology Inc. will assist its clients with bespoke information management (IM) developments, in particular dynamic Web-based systems. The company will also establish other IM service lines, including Intranet portal assessment and design.


Exprodat Technology president Bruce Rodney said, “This is a great opportunity for the company, as the US is the center of E&P software development. What makes Exprodat unique is that our skills focus on the intersection between horizontal IT and the vertical E&P domain. We are able to deploy horizontal, Web-based technologies in E&P faster and more effectively than larger or more general IT companies because of our intimate domain knowledge and years of experience.”


Exprodat Limited will continue to provide independent IM consultancy services to the upstream E&P business. The company will be relaunched early in 2002 as Exprodat Consulting Limited. Gareth Smith, Director of Exprodat Limited commented, “the new company structure allows us to continue delivering high quality, independent consultancy outside of our product development business”. More from

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